Small plate & frame filter press

Date:2018-08-09From:DZ filter press

The plate& frame filter press consists of base frame, filter plate, filter frame, pressing system and electric control cabinet, and the filter chamber consists of 2pcs filter plates pressing 1pcs filter frame to forming one filter chamber, The number of filter chamber is same as filter frame. Its models are 450 series, 630 series and 890 series. 
The plate& frame filter press
Small plate&frame filter press is widely used for fine filtration of materials, such as wine, fruit wine, beer, tequila, essence flavor, coconut oil, palm oil, edible oil, pharmaceutical and chemical industries, Chinese medicine extraction, fine chemicals and laboratory application. 
The frame of small plate&frame filter press is made of carbon steel, stainless steel coating frame and whole stainless steel. The materials of filter plate and filter frame mainly included PP, stainless steel 304 and stainless steel 316. And its filter media are mostly filter paper, filter membrane, it also choose suitable filter cloth based on customer requirements. The squeezing method are use of screw jack pressure and hydraulic pressure in general.
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