The structure and filter plate of stainless steel filter press machine adopts S.S.304 (optional S.S.316 or PP), which can be adopted to filtering media such as various filter paper, filter membrane, filter cloth etc. It is features of high health level, high temperature resistance, filtration precision, easy operation, good sealing performance and so on.
It is suitable for various industries: liquid medicine, liquor, beverage (beer, wine, white wine), juice, syrup, vinegar, oils (cooking oil, bulk oil etc), fine chemicals, electroplating etc. As filter press manufacturer and supplier with 16 years history, we also have other types of filter press for processing wine, vegetable oil, etc. If you have any needs, you can leave us message for customized solution.


  • It adopts pressurized airtight filtration, with less loss of filtrate, good filtration quality and high efficiency.
  • The filter chamber is made of multilayer filter plate, which is large filter area and discharge volume.
  • The filter plate use screw thread structure, which advanced structure, no deformation, easy to clean. It can effectively increase the service life of filter membrane, thus reducing and saving production costs.
  • The stainless steel feed pump with small motor, power saving. The machine is equipped with a rubber wheel, easy to operate, flexible to move and available for mobile use.

Stainless steel board filter press for fine filtration


BASJL 600 series
Model Filter area(m2)  NO.of Plate(piece)  Flow(T/h)  Plate Size(mm)  Dimension(mm) 
BASJL600-14 14 41 10-13 600×600 1750×870×1350
BASJL600-21 21 61 15-20 600×600 2100×870×1350
BASJL600-24 24 71 20-25 600×600 2250×870×1350
BASJL600-35 35 101 25-30 600×600 1800×870×1350
Note:The squeezing type can be screw/manual hydraulic/s.s.manual jack. The price is same.

BASJL 400 series
Model Filter area(m2)  NO.of Plate(piece)  Flow(T/h)  Plate Size(mm)  Power of Feeding Pump(KW)        Dimension(mm) 
BASJL400-2 2 15 1-2 400×400 1.5 1250×660×1300
BASJL400-3 3 21 1-3 400×400 1.5 1350×660×1300
BASJL400-4 4 31 3-4 400×400 1.5 1550×660×1300
BASJL400-6 6 45 4-6 400×400 1.5 1750×660×1300
BASJL400-8.5 8.5 61 6-8 400×400 2.2 2100×660×1300
BASJL400-9.5 9.5 71 8-10 400×400 2.2 2300×660×1300



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