A very important part of the filter press is filter cloth, and whether the filter press works ideally depends largely on the performance of the filter cloth and its ability to achieve solid-liquid separation without clogging and unbroken. According to different kinds of fiber, filter cloth can be classified two kinds: one is natural fiber, such as cotton, wool, silk, hemp fiber; the other is chemical synthetic fiber, such as polyester, nylon, , Polyester fiber and so on. According to the composition of the yarn, filter cloth can be divided into monofilament yarn, multifilament yarn, short fiber yarn. Monofilament woven fabric is not easy to be blocked, good cake unloading performance. Poly silk yarn filter cloth is characterized by high tensile strength, unloading cake performance and regeneration performance is better. Staple fiber yarn filter cloth is characterized by good particle retention performance, while providing excellent sealing performance. With a single filament yarn woven cloth called "monofilament fabric"; with multifilament or short fiber yarn woven into the filter cloth collectively referred to as "multifilament fabric".

Chemical: dyes, pigments, caustic soda, soda ash
Medicine: antibiotics, growth derived yarn, organic phosphorus, glucoamylase ...
Food: rice wine, white wine, juice, drink, beer ...
Metallurgy: gold, silver, copper ...
Refining: white oil, sesame oil, light oil ...
Clay: kaolin, bentonite, active soil ...
Sewage treatment: chemical sewage, smelting sewage, electroplating wastewater, leather ...


  • Big pressing force(17-20MPa) can avoid leakage effectively.
  • Hydraulic station adopts ABB motor, it is steady in operation.
  • Auto closing and auto opening.
  • Labor saving.
  • It specially apply to models with large capacity, it can ensure good filtering effect.

Filter cloth

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Type Filter Area
Plate Size
Cake Thickness
Filter Chamber
Voiume (L)
Number Plate
Filtretion Pressure
Y4/450-30U 4 1250×1250 30 60 9 0.6
Y4/450-30U 4 1250×1250 30 60 9 0.6
Y4/450-30U 4 1250×1250 30 60 9 0.6
Y4/450-30U 4 1250×1250 30 60 9 0.6
Y4/450-30U 4 1250×1250 30 60 9 0.6




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