The work principle of belt filter press


    As a high efficiency continuous sludge dewatering equipment, belt filter press has found its wide application in municipal wastewater treatment, tunnel sludge dewatering, chemical and dyeing industry, its excellent sludge dewatering effect amazed many customers, saved the labor cost in the working site, reduced the environmental pollution. Now let’s see how the belt filter press works.
   The work steps of belt filter press are mainly 2 steps: sludge thickening and sludge squeezing. The first step is carried out by rotary drum thickener or belt thickener. When the sludge comes into the thickener, under the pressure of rotary drum or gravity dewatering of belt, a lot of water will be expelled, the sludge will come to the 2nd step for further squeezing. The 2nd squeezing step consists of 2 filter belts, the shearing force of rollers will remove more and more water, then water will be discharged through filter belt and drip tray. Solid particles will stay on the filter belt and squeezed by 2 belts, so that to form filter cakes. Thus solid and liquid is separated.
   DZ (Dazhang) belt filter press now has mature technology and intelligent operation after years of technology improvement and strict quality control. The whole machine can realize fully automatic running with unattended operation. It has been exported to Australia, South-east Asia, North America and many other countries, its good performance won great praise from our customers. Choosing DZ belt filter press is the guarantee of good quality!
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