Characteristics of Belts of Belt Press Machine

Date:2018-09-17From:DZ filter press

Belt press machine is one of the most popular equipments used in sludge dewatering system for environmental protection. It includes belt, mixing tank and adjusting advice, etc. Among them, belt is the key point, which includes belt adjustment, belt washing and Belt tensioning control. For a better understanding of the belt, we'll talk about belt- the key point of belt press machine for sludge treatment.
The belt is the main component of the belt press machine. In the process of solid-liquid separation, the upper and lower belts are used as filtration media. By passing press rollers, the upper and lower tensioning belts can obtain press force to squeeze water out of sludge. 
Belt adjustment: It includes executive parts, like cylinder, roller adjusting signal reverse air pressure and electric system. It’s used for revising the belt deviation, which is caused by belt uneven tension, the error of roller installation and the uneven feeding. so as to ensure the continuity and stability of the belt press filter. 
Belt washing device: It’s made up of sprinkler, cleaning water connecting tray and cleaning cover, etc. When belt works through the cleaning device continuously, they are impacted by the pressure water ejected by the sprinkler. The materials remaining in the belt are removed from the belt under the washing of pressure water, so that the belt can regenerate and prepare for the next dehydration process.
Belt tensioning device: It consists of tensioning cylinder, tensioning roller and synchronous mechanism. Its function is to tighten the belt and provide necessary tension conditions for the production of press dehydration. Its tension can be adjusted by adjusting the air pressure of the tensioning cylinder of the pneumatic system.
Now, in the market, the most popular material of belt is polyester PET with good mechanical stability; Wear resistance; Easy slag unloading; Good water permeability. Good toughness, Acid resistance; Alkali resistance; High temperature resistance; Acid and alkali strength; Long service life. 
Because of these advantages, belt usually used in a variety of filtering equipments, such as horizontal belt washing machine, belt filter, vacuum belt filter press, disk filter and drum washing machine, etc. Widely applied in sewage treatment and sludge dewatering; Metallurgical iron and steel; Juice extraction; Food processing; Papermaking; Petrochemical industry; Textile industry and other industries. 
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