Why filter Press become the key part of slurry treatment in Sand washing Plant

Date:2018-09-01From:DZ filter press

With more and more strict quality of sand and stone used in construction and the great rectification in the field of environmental protection, there are more requirements for the equipment related to sand washing plant. It has been proved by practice that filter press is welcomed by more and more sand washing plants. At this paper, we explore the reason why filter press becomes the best choice.
Because of its process requirements, there are large number of water consumption in sand washing plant, resulting in a large number of mud. To save production costs, some plants adopt direct discharging way, which not only pollute the environment, but also cause river blockage. Other plants build a few sedimentation tanks to allow mud to settle naturally, and then dig out the settling sludge. But this way needs high labor cost, large area, high mud moisture content, which is difficult to treat.
The advantage of filter press sludge treatment equipment
Fully automatic sludge filter press of our company can separate the slurry into mud cake and recyclable water. The equipment adopts PLC programmable controller mode and touch screen operation panel, automatic feed, automatic press, automatic discharge, and automatic cleaning filter cloth. The advantages are as the follows: 
1. Automatic operation, easy to use, easy to install and maintain; 
2. High recovery rate of solid phase, low running cost; 
3. Large processing capacity, good performance, wide range of application; 
4. Good sealing, good working environment, low noise; 
5. Labor cost savings; 
6. Best price, low running cost, low and simple maintenance cost; 
7.The flocculants used are nontoxic and low in dosage. It will not cause environmental pollution;
9. Dry mud can be backfilled on the spot;
Treatment effect: 
After the treatment of automatic sludge filter press machine, mud discharge is greatly reduced, transportation is convenient, environmental pollution caused by mud discharge is avoided, and it is beneficial to environmental protection. After treatment, water content of mud is 20-30%, the removal rate of suspended matter is as high as 99% (the moisture content of the treated slag is related to the properties of the material, concrete analysis).That’s the reason why filter press becomes the key part in Sand washing Plant for slurry treatment.
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