Classification of drawings for the filter press

Date:2018-09-07From:DZ filter press

Customers will ask us for drawings after purchasing the filter press, but are the drawings provided by the salesman needed by the customers? Next, I will probably introduce you to the classification of drawings. The following information is just for your reference.
Drawings are roughly divided into three categories: foundation maps, circuit diagrams, and design drawings.
1.Foundation drawing
The foundation drawing is provided by our technical department. After the customer placed the order, the technical department will provide the foundation drawing (size of the machine). Our production department will produce the machine according to the drawings, and the customer will build the foundation to fix the machine.
2.Circuit diagram
The circuit diagram is the circuit layout of the machine and matched with our electric control cabinet. Generally, the salesman will send it to the customer after translating the Chinese into English, and the customer's electrical engineer will understand and programme the system according to the drawings.
3: Design drawings
The design drawing is the most important one and is also critical to customer decisions.
The design drawings are divided into connection drawings and onsite designing drawing. The connection drawing is a little easier and be provided by our technical department. This kind of drawing includes the pipe connection of the filter press (connecting the pump, valves and other matching facilities). The onsite designing drawing is more complicated. It is generally designed by our professional engineers. They will design a perfect system for the customer according to the customer's site. The system not only contains the filtering system, but also contains the pre-filtering and post-processing solutions. When necessary, our engineers will visit the customer’s factory to take photos and measure the size to design the exact drawings.
The above is a brief introduction of the drawings. The customers can ask the salesman for the drawings according to their needs, and our professional technical team proved that we are professional for filtering and filtering equipment. If necessary, please leave your contact information, we will contact you as soon as possible, thank you.
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