How is the method of Automatic filter press Cake Disposal ?

Date:2018-09-07From:DZ filter press

Automatic filter press ,operated by program controlled ,to achieve automatic pressing plate and automatic loosing plate. then realize cake disposal successfully.
While filter press running and During cake squeezing ,drippings are collected in a drip tray underneath the plate stack to avoid them from reaching the dry cake collection bin. The drip tray consists of two hinged horizontal doors that span along the filter press with a slight angle to drain the drippings towards the head or the follower. When the filtration cycle is completed the doors open with a pneumatic or hydraulic system, the plate stack starts shuttle shifting and the cake falls one by one into the bin. When all the cake is in the bin the doors close and are ready for another cycle.
The cake in the bin is then trucked away or transported with a belt conveyor. With very large automatic filter press, a well formed cake may weigh 200-300 Kg per chamber and when it falls into a bin or onto a belt conveyor in one solid piece the impact is very high. Hence, special measures are required to break and de-lump the sole hard cake and, for belt conveyors, it is also recommended to increase the number of belt support rollers below the discharge chute at the point of impact.
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