The reason why the belt filter press has less mud

Date:2018-09-07From:DZ filter press

The environmental protection field is the most promising market for the belt filter press industry in the future. The belt filter press can be used in the fields of urban sewage sludge, industrial wastewater sludge, tap water sludge and dredged sludge treatment, etc. Handling the most economical and effective equipment, the current national attention to sludge treatment has made the demand of the sludge filter press industry rapidly increase. At present, the leading products of the belt filter press are basically more than 50%. Sludge treatment has become a new engine for the development of the belt filter press industry.
So what is the reason for the belt filter press has less mud? Today,  Dazhang filter will introduce the reasons why the belt filter press has less mud:
1. The influence of process factors on the processing capacity of the belt filter press The influence of the process factors on the belt filter press is comprehensive in many aspects:
2.Flocculation agent selection: At present, polyacrylamide (PAM) is the most widely used flocculant in the field of sludge dewatering, PAM can be divided into cationic, anionic and non-ionic, each of which can be divided into many Kind of molecular weight. Therefore, different types of PAM should be selected for different treatment media. After qualitative selection, quantitative selection is also required. Otherwise, it will not achieve the purpose of increasing the treatment volume, and may even cause sludge dewatering to be impossible.
3. The choice of coagulant: different industries of sewage treatment or sludge dewatering of different treatment media, the use of flocculating agents are different, and sometimes need to add the necessary coagulant.
4. Dissolution concentration and dosage of the drug: When determining the specific variety and model of the drug, it is necessary to carry out tests comparing the dissolved concentration, the added amount with the dehydration effect and the running cost, so as to finally determine the lowest operating cost and the most dehydration effect. Good, the processing index with the largest amount of processing.
5. Whether the solvent-dissolving device can ensure the curing time and ripening state of the drug is optimal, and the continuous productivity of the belt filter press can be fully exerted. Whether the dosing device can ensure that the molecular chain of the drug is not destroyed, and the activity of the drug is not Degradation, so that the sludge forms a floc sufficient to withstand a certain pressure, is a problem in the process factor.
6. Influence of design advantages and disadvantages on the processing capacity of belt filter press
7. Gravity dewatering zone: The flocculated sludge first enters the gravity dewatering zone, and most of the free water produced by flocculation needs to be removed in this zone. Therefore, the gravity dewatering zone is one of the main factors affecting the processing capacity of the belt filter press. In the gravity dewatering zone, the flocs are deposited on the filter belt, and the free water needs to be removed by the floc passing through the filter belt, which adds a large burden to the gravity dewatering section with limited length, which is required in the whole machine size. The efficiency of the zone is maximized under the premise that the length of the gravity dewatering zone is constant.
8. Wedge-type dewatering zone: With the operation of the filter belt, the sludge enters the wedge-type dewatering zone. The wedge zone has the dual functions of gravity dewatering and press dewatering. Therefore, the wedge zone also affects the belt filter press treatment. One of the main factors of ability.
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